How To Decorate Floor Vase With Sticks

How To Decorate Floor Vase With SticksIn this post, we will learn how to decorate floor vase with sticks of curly willow. This kind of decor perfectly fits any modern interior decor style. Also, it's fine for weddings, birthdays, celebrations and all kinds of events decoration.

Supplies Needed

Clear Glass Cylinder Vase

Round Decor Beads

Curly willow branches
Artificial flowers

Step by Step Instructions

- Prepare all parts;
- Fill the cylinder container with glass decor beads;
- Stick a few branches into the small balls;
- Put the flower stem inside of the bowl and direct it's face to the front;
- Align all elements with each other to get completed composition.

For this branch arrangement were used curly willow branches. But you can pick any tree sticks and whatever colors you like. Also natural dry or an exotic bloom could be used. Very simple decoration idea and very easy to do.

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