How To Brew Best Loose Leaf Green Tea

How To Brew Best Loose Leaf Green TeaDo you know how to brew the best loose leaf green tea?
There are numerous methods for making tea. Everything relies upon what sort of tea you will utilize - dark, green, white or red tea.
In this post, we going to check basic route for making an awesome beverage from green tea.

Supplies Needed

Japanese Loose Leaf Green Tea

OR Jasmine Pearls Loose Leaf Green Tea

Clean fresh water. Spring water is preferable;
Kettle to boil water;
Your best Teapot;
Nice mood for a tea party.

Step by Step Instructions

Top up your kettle with fresh water and boil it;
Fill your teapot with boiled water to warm it;
Choose your favorite tea for brewing. One teaspoon per person is good;
Pour hot water into the pot and wait for three minutes;
Prepare your cups with milk, add cakes and voila. The tasty and delicious drink is ready.

So it was very simple.
And now you have to value the essence of tea. Gradually and restfully, getting a charge out of each sip, slowly drink it.

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