Express Your Feelings with Personalized Wall Clock

Express Your Feelings with Personalized Wall ClockDo you want to have unique decor in your room?
Or are you looking for special and personalized gift for your friend or family member.
You won't believe how it's easy to make.
Express Your Feelings with Personalized Wall Clock.
Clock decorated with funny quote or favorite image will always stay a pleasant memory for people you love.

Supplies Needed

Quartz Wall Clock Mechanism

Wooden Round Clock Face

Different Color Spray Paints
Cutter Blade or Knife
A piece of the cartoon to make a Stencil - Opt 1
Scrapbook Paper - Opt 2

Step by Step Instructions

Option 1. With Spray Paints
Coat the wooden clock face with spray paint to get background surface texture and leave it to dry for few hours;
Prepare your stencil with personalized quote;
Stick stencil to clock face and spray it with another color paint to have quote image on background;
Leave it to dry then pill the stencil off carefully;
Attach the clock mechanism to clock face.
The personalized wall clock is ready.

Option 2. With Scrapbook Paper
Put clock face on the back side of scrapbook paper and trace around;
Cut out paper and glue it to wooden circled face;
Fix the clock mechanism to clock face and clock is ready.

With this idea, you can make a really unique clock.
Mix up the patterns, use different colors, take ready magazine pages and stick it to the clock face.
Maybe you have old movie or music poster. It will be also great stuff for decoration.

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