Adorable Handmade Yarn Wall Decor Fast and Easy To Do

Adorable Handmade Yarn Wall Decor Fast and Easy To DoLook at this super simple way to decorate your room with adorable handmade Yarn wall decor.
This unique decoration can be made quickly and easily.
It's lightweight, easy-to-carry, trendy and exceptionally decorates your wall.
It will perfectly fit a baby nursery and creates an exciting environment.
Also complements any room's interior design.

Supplies Needed

Longcolors Premium Quality Yarn

Craft lace

Dowel or Tree Branch
Cutting tool (Cutter Blade or Scissors)
Ruler or tape for template measuring

Step by Step Instructions

Choose yarn color palette to harmonize with room interior colors.
Find and prepare wooden dowel or tree branch.
Measure first piece of yarn and cut to have template. Length is around 40 - 45 inches.
Using template for same length measuring cut as many pieces as you need.
Attach all the yarn strings to dowel by folding in half and pulling it through.
Trim the yarn to get required form.
Attach a rope to hang it on a wall and we've finally done it.

So it was very easy.
Mix colors and yarn materials, use different types of strings, attach a wooden or plastic wand.
Play with yarn length and form.
Have fun!

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